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Driver assisting senior out of van

Toronto Ride is a collaborative partnership of thirteen not-for-profit, community support service agencies providing transportation services to seniors 55+ and adults with disabilities who are not eligible for Wheel-Trans. Transportation services are provided Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30pm.

Clients must first register with the partner agency that services their neighbourhood. Once registered, trips can be booked by calling their home agency or by calling Toronto Ride directly at 416-481-5250.

The driver providing the trip may be from any of our 11 partner agencies.  The client will receive a monthly invoice for all trips from their home agency, regardless of which partner agency’s driver provides the ride.

Who is Eligible

Toronto Ride provides assisted door-to-door transportation to seniors 55+ and adults with disabilities who are not eligible for Wheel-Trans. Clients must:

Where Can You Go?

Transportation is provided within the boundaries of the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto’s boundaries are approximately Steeles Avenue to the north, the Lake Ontario to the south, Highway 427 to the west, and the Pickering Town Line to the east. Basically any place whose postal code begins with the letter M.

You can schedule a ride to and from:

Medical appointments are given priority when rides are being scheduled.

How Much Do Rides Cost?

Cost of the ride is determined by distance traveled. Subsidies may be available, if required, within resources available.

Here is our fee schedule (one-way rides):

If a client needs an escort for a ride, one escort is allowed to join the client free of charge. Additional escorts are charged at the same rate as the client.

How Do You Request a Ride?

Can I get a ride to my COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

We are offering rides to seniors who need assistance getting to and from their vaccination appointments.

If you would like to book a ride to a vaccine clinic, please fill out our Vaccination Appointment Transportation Request form or call 416-481-5250. 

Click here to see a map of our partners’ catchment areas.  

How Do I Ask a Question?

Have a question about our services? Contact us at 416-481-5250 or admin@torontoride.ca.